In dialogue with Fred Sandback: The measurement of space x Maria Barnas

10 Jul – 2 Aug 2020   /   Dialoog@Nest

Sandback creates captivating spatial situations, keeping the viewers experience at the center of his artistic practice. In response to the exhibition, artists, performers, dancers and musicians working from different creative disciplines and sources, provide interpretations of their intimate encounters with the void.

Maria Barnas – Even If

With her visual and linguistic work, Maria Barnas investigates how descriptions and images shape and distort reality.

For her dialogue with ‘The measurement of space’ she wrote a poem; written in light.

To be written in the dead of night
amidst the lines of Fred Sandback

Even if (and only when)

you don’t think 
you can stay here
you don’t think 
you can
I don’t think
I am leaving
I don’t think
I am
these doors
suggest arriving 
and escaping
are not that different
after all 
you open 
the door
behind you

This program is part of Fred Sandback: The measurement of space

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