Keti Koti – Kunst en Dialoog Tafel

10 Apr 2019   /   Event@Nest

During ‘History is His Story’ Nest celebrates Keti Koti in collaboration with the Keti Koti Table Foundation and visual artist Yair Callender in which we reflect on the abolition of slavery on 1 July 1863 and its consequences in today’s society. By bringing together different elements – symbolic actions, shared food, mourning and freedom songs – the Keti Koti Art and Dialogue Table tries to give a voice to underexposed stories from history.

In addition to the dialogue, a number of healing rituals will be performed that symbolize rubbing away the collective pain and celebrating the freedom in which we now live. In order to strengthen the togetherness, a three-course meal will be prepared consisting of dishes that were also eaten by the slaves at the time.

During this event, encounter and exchange are central and we look for commonalities in order to reflect on our common cultural history.

This program is part of History is His Story

Thanks to

Gemeente Den Haag
Fonds 1818
Prins Bernard Cultuur Fonds

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