Kunstfietstocht – Chantal van Lieshout

5 Aug 2022    16:00   /   Presentatie@Nest

On Friday, August 5, artist Chantal van Lieshout presents ‘Fabeldier Nest’ on the square in front of Nest, which is part of her Kunstfietstocht (Art Cycle Tour).
In the summer of 2022 she makes a bicycle tour along different art institutions in the Netherlands. In each place she will work on a new artwork for one week together with a local artist, and prepare an exhibition with found materials and objects that are present on the spot or have been found during her bicycle tour. Besides P-OST in Arnhem, Casco in Utrecht, Amsterdam, Showroom MAMA in Rotterdam and Ruis in Nijmegen, van Lieshout stayed at Nest in The Hague during the first week of August.

Chantal van Lieshout created ‘Fabeldier Nest’ on the square in front of Nest. About the work:

”Often my work arises from a sense of wonder, but also from an incredulity towards the madness of the world. The housing market is such an insane thing; from slum landlords with whom no contact can be made to elderly people languishing lonely in large houses. Once we proudly cut down almost all primeval forests, tamed “nature” to build houses, bridges and roads. Many of these structures went down, were renewed or expanded. Now it is the turn of the primeval forests and we are depriving many other animals and things of their homes. Profit takes precedence over dwelling when living should be a right. Meanwhile the seawater level is rising and in 50 years there will be about 10 billion people on earth.
With the making of the ‘Fabeldier Nest’ I wonder what alternative ways there are to live, whether we are not too much used/ spoiled and whether we should not take a step back to move forward, so that people, birds, monkeys, beetles and worms all have a place to live.”

Presentation and drinks:
Friday, August 5, 16:00 – 18:00 hrs


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