Lab for Future Generations

19 Nov 2020    20:00   /   Lezing@Nest

From Thursday 10 to Saturday 12 September, The Hague Contemporary Art Weekend takes place: a weekend in which galleries and art institutions in The Hague are open and offer an extensive program.

On Friday September 11th Nest and Filosofie Den Haag organize an evening program with philosopher Khadija al Mourabit and human rights lawyer Jan van de Venis. They will explore with the audience the following question: “Can you put your own interests aside and really fight for a better world in the interest of future generations, or is it easier if you imagine yourself to be part of that unknown future?
This is the central question that artists and writers have asked themselves for the exhibition A Fair Share of Utopia to take a look into the future.

This program is a collaboration with Filosofie Den Haag.
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This program is part of A Fair Share of Utopia

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Gemeente Den Haag
Filosofie in Den Haag

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