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Lab for Future Generations

19 Nov 2020    20:00   /   Lezing@Nest

The French philosopher and sociologist Bruno Latour will be awarded the ‘Spinozalens’ at the end of November, an award for thinkers on ethics. Latour put the theme of sustainability on the map at the start of the 1990s and according to him, non-humans such as seas, plants, animals and microbes have a voice of their own that must be heard in our democracy. In this context, several lectures and exhibitions are held at various locations inspired by Latour’s thinking.

Filosofie in Den Haag and Nest invite two thinkers to talk about Latour’s work and philosophy and how he has influenced their thinking. Philosopher Khadija al Mourabit gives a lecture in Zaal 3 and human rights lawyer Jan van de Venis hosts a workshop at Nest. Halfway through the evening the audience will change locations, so that all participants have attended both the lecture and the workshop.

Date: Thursday 19 November
Time: 8 p.m. in Nest & Zaal 3
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Khadija al Mourabit is a philosopher specialising in the relationship between Logic and metaphysics in contemporary analytical philosophy and related disputes over the validity of certain logical and mathematical laws. She currently also works as a policy advisor at GroenLinks in Amsterdam. In 2017, she made the documentary “Le Voyage de Khadija” , shot in the Netherlands and the Rif in Morocco. This documentary is about migration, women’s rights, gender, family relationships, identity and emancipation in both countries.

Jan van de Venis is the owner of JustLaw, which focuses on providing legal advice on human rights and sustainable development. He supports politicians, governments, human rights institutions and NGOs worldwide in campaigns and in court cases, often around climate change disputes. He is chairman of Nationaal Park Duinen van Texel and of the board of Stand Up For Your Rights and The Crowd Versus. He is a guest lecturer on human rights at various universities, institutes such as Clingendael and UN bodies.

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