Lecture Simone Zeefuik – A building made of people

13 Jan 2019    15:00   /   Nest@Migratie Museum

On Sunday 13 January 2019, writer and organiser Simone Zeefuik will give a lecture “A building made of people” in which she will talk about belonging; the human need to be part of a group or ‘greater whole’. Like home and identity, this concept is central to the exhibition ‘The bricks that build a home’, on display at the Migration Museum until 20 January 2019.

Simone Zeefuik focuses on representation and inclusiveness. She is also a film, theatre, literature and history lover. With her articles plus the events she organizes or co-hosts she focuses on Africentred perspectives, (de)colonial institutions and the institutionalized members of the black communities in the Netherlands.

In her lecture, “A building made of people”, Zeefuik will discuss uprooting as a strategy to retain power plus the shift of that power when we redefine ideas of ownership and belonging. The title of the lecture by Simone Zeefuik, “A building made of people”, is taken from an essay by the American writer, poet, professor and activist Nikki Giovanni.

Entrance is free of charge.
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Lecture is in Dutch.

This program is part of The bricks that build a home

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