Lie down: a prelude

25 Mar 2022    20:00   /   Performance@Nest

Performance Yoojin Lee

The performance Lie down: a prelude is based on the publication As long as there is time to sleep (2016) offering different points of entry into the fluctuating textures of sleep. What does a sleeping being become against the backdrop of a world that is lit 24 hours? What does this state of repose mean when there is no time to pause? What lullaby can one sing?

To sleep in a world without lullaby (Znamya)
hand embroidery on textile, reflective textile, LED tube
(Based on chapter 6)

Who falls asleep?
appliqué on blanket from the artist’s mother, riso print (edition of 16 + AP 3)
(Based on chapter 5)

I like to stay horizontal
digital print on pillowcase
(Based on chapter 4)

Based on chapter 0 of the publication the performative reading weaves together intimate stories around sleep from (anonymous) contributors and fragments from scientific, philosophical, commercial sources. Tactile sounds of the contact between the body and the blanket merge with the reading voice. While there’s still time, an embroidered t-shirt based on chapter 7, is worn during the piece. In its new iteration for How Rest the Brave, the stories from the women with whom the artist has shared the most of her sleeping hours as well as from those with whom she attempts to sleep or ‘speak nearby’ (Trinh T. Minh-ha) will be layered together.

Image: Yoojin Lee

This program is part of How Rest the Brave

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