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A love letter drenched in perfume of a holiday sweetheart or a singing birthday card of your great-aunt: a handwritten message in the letterbox is so much more valuable than a thumb up. Nevertheless, PostNL has removed more than 10,000 letterboxes in recent years because we have been writing less. With three different workshops, given by literary enlightened spirits, Nest and art magazine Mister Motley pay tribute to the written letter during Museumnacht.

The three workshops:

Write for Rights
Amnesty International is fighting, among other things, for the rights of political prisoners. With ‘Write For Rights’, letters are collected that are written to people who have been imprisoned for years and for whom it remains necessary to draw attention to their case. Amnesty International talks about the concept and, together with the participants, writes and sends letters to these prisoners.

Bottle mail
Sending bottle mail is a way of communicating that was once used by sailors. They threw a cry or call into a bottle in the sea, hoping it would wash up somewhere and reach a reader. Participants in this workshop describe their cry for help in life. At night, the bottle post is thrown into the sea and from there it follows its own course.

Sexting on paper
A spicy photo is forwarded in a second, but how do you convert your desire for your (secret) lover into a written word? In this hot steam course, a piquant writer teaches you the ins and outs of writing about desire and sex.

20.00 – 01.00 hrs
Early Bird Ticket € 14,-
Regular tickets € 16,50
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This program is part of Language is the only homeland

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Gemeente Den Haag
Mister Motley

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