Music relay – live

28 Jan 2023    21:00   /   Muziek@Nest

On Saturday evening, Jameszoo will host a live music night in the exhibition, which will be in interaction with his piano installation “Game of Telephone.
How does this work?
The first musician starts improvising solo, then after 5 minutes the next musician joins in for a duet. After 5 minutes, the first one stops and another new musician enters in for a duet, and so on and so forth.

This group of fantastic musicians from the jazz/improv scene, are participating in this experiment:
Ada Rave, Ben van Gelder, Dodó Kis, Ernst Glerum, Genevieve Murphy, Jamie Peet, Niels Broos and Sanem Kalfa.

Saturday, January 28
21.00 – 22.00
Free admission

This program is part of 15 Years of Nest


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