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Nest – between the lines

11 Nov 2020    20:00   /   Leescafé@Nest

On Wednesday November 11th a new program of Nest ‘Between the lines’ (‘Tussen de regels door’) will start, a reading café in which we will read and collectively discuss books, essays, poetry and articles that have a relationship with the current exhibition. The exhibition ‘A Fair Share of Utopia’ is accompanied by the publication ‘Wat Niet Is Maar Kan Zijn’, in which 9 writers and 9 artists respond to a thought experiment that was investigated by human rights lawyer Michelle Alexander in The New York Times of October 2018. Her essay What if We’re All Coming Back? is based on the central question: ‘If you were to die today and reincarnate a generation later, in what world would you want to be born, no matter where or who you are? Lieneke Hulshof, editor-in-chief of online art magazine Mister Motley and co-editor of the publication ‘Wat Niet Is Maar Kan Zijn’, will lead the discussion this first evening.

The programme will take place in the exhibition in Nest and places are limited, so sign up quickly by emailing under the caption ‘Between the lines’.

Between the lines
in collaboration with Mister Motley
Date: 11 November
Time: 20:00 – 21:00
Book: Wat Niet Is Maar Kan Zijn
Costs: €15,- incl. the book

*This edition will be in Dutch

This program is part of A Fair Share of Utopia

Thanks to

Gemeente Den Haag
Mister Motley

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