Old Master, No Secrets – film screening

28 Jan 2023    11:00   /   Film@Nest

Join the screening on Saturday of the new movie OLD MASTER NO SECRETS, in which painter Philip Akkerman shares the technical knowledge he has acquired over the past forty years. The secret of the Old Masters, as Akkerman reveals in his studio, is that they divided the work in three steps: drawing, grisaille and color. By approaching each step individually, the Old Masters obtained maximum control over the result of the painting. For Akkerman, this technique enables him to paint his self-portraits in any which way that pops up in his mind.

OLD MASTER NO SECRETS is a 96 minute slow movie by Dutch filmmaker Maarten de Kroon, inspired and presented by Philip Akkerman.

Saturday January 28
11:00 – 12:45


This program is part of 15 Years of Nest


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