One Nest Stand #27 – Party of Ruin

21 Dec 2017    20:00   /   Opening@Nest

Budvar x Unfair x Nest

Following two weeks of drifting through the post-apocalyptic installation of Part ||| Beyond Thunderdome, Unfair will invite a band of artists to celebrate the longest and darkest night of the year with you. Nest, Unfair and Budvar Budweiser roll up their sleeves for one last spectacular exhibition to emerge out of the ruins, with more than 25 artists. Party of Ruin is a festive end to Places of Ruin in which a new world order with videos, photos, drawings and paintings will be shown and sold according to pre-set rules. With digital layer on layer this evening will give an exciting twist to the selling of tangible and intangible work – for students as well as seasoned collectors. Enter Christmastime with a piece of art and immerse yourself in an evening full of art, performance, music & beer.

Thursday December 21, 20.00 – 00.00 h

This program is part of Places of Ruin


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