Out and About – Willem Marijs

2 Apr 2021   /   Tentoonstelling@Nest

What have you been doing in the past year?

When the first lockdown started, I spontaneously suffered from insomnia. The doctors I spoke to thought it was a strange phenomenon. I asked a specialist if it could be due to the change in electromagnetic fields in the air. He thought this was nonsense.

What are you presenting today?

Outside on the grass is the work ELOMA: the Electromagnetic Field Orchestra. It came about around 10 years ago out of pure boredom. Then you fool around in your studio and try to make something out of nothing. The work consists of 9 antennas that catch sound waves that fall outside the hearing spectrum of humans. Lamps and an amplifier are connected to the antennas. These translate the electromagnetic waves picked up by the antennas, resulting in a light and sound show. But it is not a pleasant sound!

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