Easter lunch with Youssef Boucenna & Susan Kooi

9 Apr 2023    13:00   /   Workshop@Nest

On Sunday 9 April at 13:00, we invite you to Nest for a special philosophical Easter lunch with artists Yousef Boucenna and Susan Kooi. Together, we will transform eggs into Easter artworks with Youssef and Susan leading a philosophical conversation.

The generously laid Easter table exhibited by the artists and part-time philosophers at ‘The Grand Palace of Everyone’ will provide a space for creation and conversation during this lunch, for all ages and without prior knowledge, on the meaning of Easter, the classic ‘chicken or the egg’ question and other reciprocal causalities.

Participation and lunch are free (excluding entrance fee), and you can register by emailing

Date: Sunday 9 April
Time: 13:00 – 14:00

Language Dutch

This program is part of The Grand Palace of Everyone


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