Podcast The Botanical Revolution

8 Nov – 19 Dec 2021   /   Podcast@Nest

The Centraal Museum, Nest, and Valiz are launching their podcast series: The Botanical Revolution parallel to the exhibition project that in five chapters and themes, examines the garden as a rich source of inspiration; but also a place where the relationship between man and nature manifests itself. The first four chapters can be seen at the Centraal Museum in Utrecht and the fifth at Nest The Hague.

In this podcast series, we discuss the contemporary significance of the garden with various guests and we zoom in on one of the chapters from the exhibition. We will discuss paradise on earth, the garden in the city, botanical science, how we define nature, and about revolutionary flowers.

Prologue: Heske ten Cate (Artistic Director Nest) and Laurie Cluitmans (Curator of Contemporary Art Centraal Museum) in conversation about the exhibition project.
Episode 1: Paradise: Laurie Cluitmans in conversation with Ama Koranteng-Kumi (founder of Bloom&Grow), column by Patricia de Vries (philosopher)
Episode 2: The community garden: Laurie Cluitmans in conversation with Elspeth Diederix (artist), column by Wim Pijbes (art historian and director of the Droom&Daad Foundation)
Episode 3: The Botanical Revolution: Laurie Cluitmans in conversation with Tinde van Andel (botanist), column by Thiemo Heilbron (botanist and curator sustainability Rijksmuseum Muiderslot)
Episode 4: Gardening in the Anthropocene: Laurie Cluitmans in conversation with Norbert Peeters (botanical philosopher).
Episode 5: Yuki Kho (culture journalist) interviews Heske ten Cate and Laurie Cluitmans, column by Dean Bowen (poet)

This podcast is a result of the collaboration between the Centraal Museum Utrecht, Nestruimte in The Hague, and Valiz Publisher.

The editorial staff consists of Heske ten Cate, Mina Etemad, Yuki Kho, Steffie Maas, and Laurie Cluitmans.

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This program is part of Is it possible to be a revolutionary and like flowers?

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