Rest at Nest

1 Feb – 22 Mar 2022   /   Event@Nest

What aspects of our daily lives provide radical options for escaping the shadow of optimized productivity? What does it mean to do nothing? How can we take a break in our busy working days? How to deal with that need?

Every Tuesday you can experience what rest can do for you. Nest offers the possibility to lie down, sit, meditate and linger escaping the daily routine and cancel all your appointments in the midst of the continuous commotion.

While the mesmerizing 4 hour film installation No More Sleep No More by Danilo Correale plays your are invited to lay down on one of the beds and be overwhelmed by Correale’s elaborate studies on consumption and daily information processing. Preoccupied with daily concerns? Lie down in Katerina Juričić Dreamobile, a physical translation of a photographic dreamworld and explicit invitation to dream away, relax and immerse yourself in this hypnotic, audiovisual experience. The research of artist Yoojin Lee will take you to new insights on sleep and rest, using delay and lingering as research tools. You may pick up the pillows she has developed as result of her research and sit yourself down anywhere in the space to slow yourself down and relax.

Image: Yoojin Lee

This program is part of How Rest the Brave

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Gemeente Den Haag

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