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6 Sep 2019    20:00   /   Kunstwerk@Nest

Richtje Reinsma writes, draws and makes installations and performances. Often everyday vulnerable and intimate experiences form her point of departure, derived from her own existence as well as that of others.

Nest and Mister Motley invited Reinsma to create an audio work for MYBODY. COM, inspired by Hans Ulrich Obrist’s book ‘do it: the compendium’ (2013), a collection of instructions from various artists for performances and visual art. Based on the suspicion that her possessions instruct her on a daily basis – some of which are particularly powerful – Reinsma creates the Product Experience series, which develops over the course of the exhibition. 

The first part arose in response to the iPhone, also one of the possible playback media of the work. A turbulent object meditation led Reinsma to Peter Handke’s ‘talk’ Publikumsbeschimpfung (Publikumsbeschimpfung) from 1966, a play (or anti-play text) that appeared to have something to say about the human-smartphone relationship. Reinsma selected and edited a number of fragments and then wrote further.

The second part is devoted to the crucifix – the religious object executed in countless formats and materials on which a tortured, murdered, almost naked man is depicted. Reinsma was not raised religiously but was regularly taken to Christian architecture and art.

The third and final product experience revolves around the door. The movable closure of an opening, intended to insulate and protect as well as to provide access. Reinsma regularly reawakens the amazement, driving through streets full of doors, about the attachments with which she and her kind claim the space of the world and provide it with endless boundaries.

This program is part of MYBODY.COM

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