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Screening Blue Rose

9 Dec 2021    10:30   /   Film@Nest

a screening of Olya Korsun’s film

‘Blue Rose’ suggests complex questions that closely resonate with the exhibition ‘Is it possible to be a revolutionary and like flowers?’ The film shows great examples of how plants and flowers can carry various meanings and how they can be also seen as symbols of beauty, language, or power. On the 9th of December together with the artist, we invite you to examine and unfold these questions. The film will be introduced by Barbara Visser, and after the screening, there is time for a Q&A. 


While some people think of flowers as something purely decorative, the author of Blue Rose believes that flowers can become a powerful source for reflection on the nature of beauty and its commodification. This essayistic documentary film takes us on a compelling journey: from an international flower auction in the Netherlands, crazy science experiments of Japan to pagan festivity in a remote Spanish village, and nostalgic Soviet archives of a family garden. Blue Rose leads us through the world of flowers, reminding us that flowers, being seemingly ephemeral, might give us an important lesson about the world we live in.

About Olya Korsun

Olya Korsun – a documentary filmmaker and visual researcher. Currently, Olya lives and works in Amsterdam, as she has been selected for the experimental research program ‘F for Fact’ by Barbara Visser at Sandberg Institute. With ‘Blue Rose’ film essay being her debut project as a director, she now works on her second film that will explore the subject of plant blindness.

About Barbara Visser

Barbara Visser –  a visual artist and filmmaker with broad experience in education and policy making, living in Amsterdam. Barbara is currently tutoring as the head of department ‘F for Fact’, at the Sandberg Institution.


Director: Olya Korsun
Director Of Photography: Sasha Kulak
Edit: Roman Geygert, Sophia Zhuravkova
Sound: Zakhar Semirkhanov
Producers: Olya Korsun, Maya Kuzina, Gatis Murnieks
Color: Lyuda Kuropyatnikova
Music by: Pavel Lehrer, Maria Teriaeva
Sound mix: Andrey Dergachev

The screening starts at 10:30 and the exhibition can be visited after the meeting.

Event date: Thursday 9th of December
Time: 10:30-12:00
Language: English



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This program is part of Is it possible to be a revolutionary and like flowers?

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