Stadstekening 03 – Utrechtsebaan / A12

20 May 2023   /   Stadstekenaar@Nest

Early this year, Extinction Rebellion protesters blocked the highway A12 twice. With the blockades, Extinction Rebellion demands an immediate end to government subsidies to the fossil industry. City artist Babette Wagenvoort brings together the different stages of the protests in a new image. This drawing is a collage of both actions. Both the protesters lying on the ground near the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the temporary building of the Tweede Kamer in January 2023, as well as the moment two months later when the protesters are sprayed by water cannons, sitting on the road surface of the Utrechtse baan near the Malieveld.

Babette Wagenvoort sees it as her job as a city artist to show The Hague from different and preferably unexpected perspectives. After all, how often do you see the city through the eyes of someone sitting on the A12? To show that perspective too, she uses footage of various people who were present at the protests.

The graffiti text ” Ga toch fietsen” was on the A12 wall around 2009.


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