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The rites of becoming- workshop

27 May 2022    17:00   /   Workshop@Nest

‘The rites of becoming…’ – workshop with Anca Bârjovanu and Lotte van Gelder

Over the last two years, students of the KABK made gifts for the guest speakers of the Studium Generale program ‘Wxtch Craft’, presented in the altars present at the academy. As this lecture program came now to an end, the altar by Anca Bârjovanu, called ‘A living shrine’, entered a new cycle within the context of the exhibition ‘every moment a junction’ at Nest.
To mark this transition, we organize a workshop for KABK students ‘The rites of becoming…’, hosted by artists Anca Bârjovanu and Lotte van Gelder on Friday 27th of May between 5 – 7 pm.
Students can bring along the final gifts that were made for Wxtch Craft Spring cycle 2022.

About the workshop:

‘During this workshop, you will dive into a collaborative exploration of how we recognize the potentialities inherent in materials and how – through specific acts – we imbue value and meaning into matter. We listen, touch, wait, fold and scratch, till all of a sudden…. Here, the ritual is the main character and the gestures become the medium.
During the session we weave together our different approaches: the one that is birthed out of the choreographic practice of Lotte, moving from the worldmaking potential of the performative action, relating to our environment in the present that we share. From here we connect to the central themes in Anca Barjovanu’s sculptural practice, that questions the power of the gestural marks we inscribe in certain objects.
The participants will be invited to create and explore through performative actions their own interpretation of a ceremonial piece, which will be showcased during the celebratory evening Hoogtij in Nest.

See you in movement!


In the evening, from 7-11 pm, the gifts will be presented in the shrine during Hoogtij.

Date: Friday 27th of May
Time: 5 -7 pm
Participation is free, but due to limited spots is reservation required.

Lotte van Gelder builds a practice around the ways bodies and environments shape one another in continuous conversation. Interested in the concrete knowledge of the experiential, the fuzzy edge just next to the frame, micro narratives, poetry and world-making through performance. Somehow she always ends up dancing with echos and ghosts.

The work of Anca Bârjovanu (Romania, 1998) draws on autobiographical elements transposed in a fairy-tale-like language. Her protagonists are often hybrids, dragons, and otherworldly beings, exceeding the humanly structures of race, gender, and social norms. Her sculptures result from her great interest in the transformational stages of metalwork: from casting the liquid to welding the metal, she transforms the material into rock-hard creatures and armours, which, as wearable objects, protect their wearers.

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This program is part of every moment a junction


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