Coaching Trajectory

Since 2016 Nest has been working with talented young artists in their further development into independent artists. In earlier years these were Ingmar König, Yair Callender and Iliada Charalambous. A cooperation within a mentoring trajectory has the advantage that it puts the learning curve of the artist first and at the same time pulls him, her or them out of their comfort zone and challenges them to work with different contexts. It also creates an interaction that forces Nest to discuss and reflect on different projects at an early stage.

In 2022 Nest will guide Eugenie Boon. Under the title ‘Revisiting Rhizomes’ Boon will investigate what the lack of reflection on Curaçao, the island where she was born, has meant for the development of an own identity of the islanders. How did the strong presence of the US and the Netherlands on the island influence the narrative about their own history, contemporary arts and entrepreneurship?

As I am exploring and deconstructing my shared reality I am getting to root causes of stagnation due to subtle complexities.

I am healing,
I am celebrating
I am growing

The artistic practice of the young artist Eugenie Boon is strongly rooted in the idea that duality, and the possibility of reflecting on it, is a condition for growth. Duality in religion, colonialism, gender, inequality and identity are subjects that emerge in all facets of her multidisciplinary work. The open attitude with which she deals with the world and at the same time asks critical questions about the mutual relationships, shared histories and the search for sameness in contradiction, fits the approach of Nest, which approaches social issues with the same approach and does not shy away from duality.

As part of this trajectory, Nest created the publication ‘Pega Saya Pi’e Tera’ with Eugenie Boon, with contributions by Lisette van den Berg and Lieneke Hulshof and specially designed by During Art Rotterdam 2023, the book was presented at her solo presentation by Brinkman&Bergsma.

View the publication here.


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