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Are you between the ages of 6 and 12? Then Nest invites you to become Verwend Nest and discover contemporary art with us. For only € 60,- a year you can join a fun workshop with other children once a month on Wednesday afternoons. During this workshop you will first view the exhibition together with a Nest teacher, after that you will work with what you have seen and make your own construction, sculpture, painting or drawing.

The first time you can join for free to see if you like it! If you register you will receive a Verwend Nest welcome package from us. Would you like to join a workshop or more information? Mail to

Upcoming workshop dates 
At the moment we do not know exactly when the next workshop in Nest will take place because of the coronavirus.

As long as the schools are closed, Verwend Nest-members will receive a package with materials instructions every month. Not a member, but also want to receive a package? Mail to, a package costs €5,- (excl. shipping costs).

With the Ooievaarspas you get a 50% discount on the contribution for Verwend Nest. Participating for one year will cost € 30,- instead of € 60,-.

The results of the workshops can be viewed on Tumblr.

Would you like to celebrate your birthday at Nest with a fun workshop, where everyone can take home a homemade work of art? Then you’ve come to the right place. You can give your party at Nest from Monday to Wednesday the whole day, and on Thursday to Sunday before 1 pm. Call or email us if you want to come. The workshop takes 60 minutes, from 8 children, €10 per child.


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