Hoogtij #66


Workshop geuren componeren

What do revolutionary flowers smell like? And what mysterious meanings do flowers (and their scent) carry throughout history? Scent DJ and artist Flora van Dullemen teaches you how to compose scents in a short workshop. You can take the result home. During Hoogtij, entrance to the exhibition and workshop is free, the workshop takes about 15 minutes and takes place continuously throughout the evening. Registration is not necessary.

About Hoogtij
A cultural tour along artists’ initiatives, galleries and art institutions. Hoogtij takes place four times a year on Friday evenings in the city centre of The Hague. The locations can be visited from 19.00 – 23.00 hours. Admission is free everywhere.

Image: Tulip
Pieter Holsteijn de Jonge and Pieter Schagen, Verzameling van een meenigte tulipaanen, naar het leven geteekend met hunne naamen, en swaarte der bollen, zoo als die publicq verkogt zijn, te Haarlem in den jaare A. 1637, door P. Cos, bloemist te Haarlem, 1637, gouache and watercolour on paper. Courtesy University of Wageningen.

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