Plants and Politics


Op woensdag 8 december om 14:30 ben je van harte uitgenodigd voor een gesprek met deelnemend kunstenaar Gluklya in de tentoonstelling ‘Is it possible to be a revolutionary and like flowers?’ bij Nest.

Voor dit evenement nodigt de kunstenaar je uit om samen met haar te discussiëren in een brainstormsessie over ‘Plants and Politics’ binnen een kleine vertrouwelijke context. Hieronder kan je haar uitnodiging lezen:

Dear friends,

Hereby you are invited to join ‘Plants and Politics’, a performative talk of Gluklya in the framework of ‘Is it possible to be a revolutionary and like flowers?’ and in relation to her contribution to it, her work ‘Propaganda Flowers’.

This event takes place as part of her long-term work ‘Clinic of Multiplicities’ – a laboratory, where she studies subjects of vulnerability and searches for ways of how that might exist within a society based on power, money, and control. On one hand, we as humans need to care about plants just as about our exposure (which is essential for being able to love, care and create). On the other hand, we must be strong in order to resist the ossified order of things – the system. How do we find a balance?

This talk will be shaped by (personal) stories about plants, politics, and people – around questions that the artist has priorly formulated, for example:

  • Do you find it necessary that we should all learn from plants and trees, and if so, why?
  • Can you give an example of using plants or flowers as tools in politics?
  • If all of us should learn from plants and trees, what is one thing in your daily life that you are willing to sacrifice for that?

Please bring a plant ‘companion’ with you or just come with a story related to the topic. However, you are also welcome to be present without any preparation. Or you might choose one of Gluklya’s ‘plant characters’ at the exhibition and create a story for it using your memory and imagination.

I am still working on the dramaturgy of the day and will do my best to give you a positive outcome of our encounter.



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