UNTIL 22.11.20 | A FAIR SHARE OF UTOPIA – ZAM Magazine

Can you put your own interests aside and really fight for a better world in the interest of future generations, or is it easier if you imagine yourself to be part of that unknown future? In her essay ‘What if We’re All Coming Back?’ in The New York Times of October 2018, human rights lawyer Michelle Alexander tries to imagine the world you would end up in if you were to reincarnate at a random place and under random circumstances.

Her essay forms the basis of the exhibition. Out of this thought experiment aimed at imagining a fundamentally different, sustainable and more humane organization of society, the artists speculate about an unknown future of which they themselves are part. Through this exercise in imagination, the exhibition offers proposals for alternative ways of dealing with each other and with the earth.


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Dit programma is onderdeel van A Fair Share of Utopia



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