At iii: Evidence in Motion - Tune In

A night about listening with radical attention

Performance Lecture Listening session External location 

Note: this programme takes places at Instrument Inventors at Willem Dreespark 312, The Hague

In times of constant noise and distraction, Deep Listening can be seen as a reforming action. Deep Listening is a way of listening with radical empathy and attention. Of taking a step back, slow down, pause and listen actively. A state of consciousness that befitting for The Singing Parliament.

During Evidence in Motion – In Tune Instrument Inventors (iii) will celebrate the legacy of Pauline Olivieros and her influence on contemporary makers. It was Olivieros who conceptualised the idea of Deep Listening. Together with makers Gemma Luz Bosch, Kunrad and Thijs Jeager, you will engage in a listening experience that will turn the world around us into a musical score.

Tickets: sliding scale from €6,00 - €15,00, available through iii's website. With a ticket you can also visit The Singing Parliament for free on June 21st.

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