Orphax is the project of musician and composer Sietse van Erve. With his ambient and drone sounds, Van Erve has developed a body of work that slowly expands in all directions and is characterized by microtonal details (1). His music moves as if in slow motion, playing with time and space. In 2008, Van Erve founded his own music label: Moving Furniture Records.

(1) - Microtonal details refer to the small pitch intervals that are smaller than the usual half tones (semitones) in Western music. In traditional Western music, the octave is divided into 12 equal parts, the half tones. Microtonal music uses intermediate pitches that break this standard division. By using microtones, composers and musicians can create a greater variety of sounds and harmonies, leading to a richer sound world..

Ear Piece #1

An evening of uneasy listening w/ 11-23, Orphax & exael / naemi

Listening session Concert 

Explore the world of ambient, noise, and minimal music during this listening evening at Nest in Laak. In a world full of loud voices, shouts, and where volume often dominates the message, we can ask ourselves: can we still listen, or do we just hear?

This evening focuses on the former. Under the guidance of listening enthusiast 11-23, various genres of electronic music will be introduced: from low and elongated tones (drone music) to rough noise or sinister dark ambient. This will be followed by a live performance by Orphax, the artist name of Sietse van Erve, who will deliver a live set of minimalist ambient. The evening will conclude with Nick Klein, founder of the label Psychic Liberation and curated by Club Laak. No prior knowledge is needed; from the curious newcomer to experimental music to the seasoned listener, everyone is welcome. Click on the names of the artists above to find out more about them.

Tickets: €10 through Laak.club.

  • 20:00 - 20:45

    Listening session 11-23 (dj)

  • 21:00 - 21:45

    Orphax (live)

  • 22:00 - 00:00

    exael / naemi - Programmed by Club Laak

Listening sessions Nest x Club Laak

In collaboration with Club Laak, Nest in Laak occasionally organizes listening sessions focused on deep listening. Deep listening is a concept and practice developed by the American composer and musician Pauline Oliveros. It refers to an intensive and conscious way of listening that goes beyond merely passively hearing sounds. Oliveros advocated for a mode of listening where you are fully present in the moment, with all your senses, allowing you to attentively and non-judgmentally perceive all the auditory nuances and subtle details in the environment or music. Ear Piece is the title of a listening exercise by Oliveros from 1971, where you can ask yourself thirteen questions that help you listen attentively.

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