At Kloosterkerk: The Hague's City Illustrator

As part of the summer exhibition: At Home in the City

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On Sunday, June 16 at 11:30 AM, the exhibition At Home in the City opens in the Kloosterkerk. Throughout the summer, you can see the work of city illustrator Babette van Wagenvoort during this summer exhibition in the Kloosterkerk in The Hague.

In recent centuries, there has been enormous urbanization, with over 50% of the world's population now living in urban areas – including in the Netherlands. How do people create a sense of home in densely populated areas? You can see city illustrator Babette van Wagenvoort's vision of bustling The Hague here until September 15.

The Hague City Illustrator is an initiative of Nest in collaboration with the Municipality of The Hague and The Hague City Archives.

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