If you would like to get in contact with anyone from the team, please reach out to (firstname)

Heske ten Cate, Artistic Director
Samira Ben Messaoud, Business Manager

Daphne Verberg, Head of Production
Clara Ronsdorf, Project Coordinator

Joke Hoeven, Head of Communication

The Nest team is supported by several freelancers.

Office Administrator
Ana Francisca Costa

Technical Production
Tobias Lengkeek

Technical Assistants
Juliette Hengst
Bo Deurloo
Adele Dipasquale
Josef Braumann

Puck Nooteboom
Michelle Patanella

Verwend Nest
Valentina Gal

Flora van Dullemen
Sade Sanchez
Esther Hovers
Safae Gounane
Odine Burghouwt
Bo Deurloo
Eugenie Boon
Thomas van der Putten

Susan Gloudemans, Chairman
Commencement date: March 1st 2017; Termination date: March 1st 2025
Barend Santen, Treasurer
Commencement date: July 1st 2015; Termination date: July 1st 2023
David Rietveld, Secretary
Commencement date: February 1st 2015; Termination date: February 1st 2023.




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