/ Down to Earth

One Nest Stand #4, April 1 2010, 20.00 uur

Mattijs van den Bosch
Peter Cleutjens
Kinke Kooi
Wouter van Riessen
Daphne Rosenthal
Monique Scuric
Marcoen Vermeulen

In Down to Earth Wouter van Riessen presents his own work next to the work of artists from his close environment. On this evening Van Riessen will converse with participating artists. It is about the 'reading' of art works and about the ways in which ideas can be materialised. An exploration into the similarities between works that up until recently have rarely been shown in the public domain.


Monique Scuric

Monique Scuric, Kinke Kooi

Monique Scuric

Monique Scuric

Mattijs van den Bosch, Daphne Rosenthal, Peter Cleutjens

Daphne Rosenthal, Wouter van Riessen

Marcoen Vermeulen, Wouter van Riessen, Peter Cleutjens

Kinke Kooi

Kinke Kooi, Mattijs van den Bosch