/ Fa├žadism

Opening Saturday February 22 2014, 16.00 hours

Exhibition, February 23 - April 20 2014

Sarah & Charles
Bernd Oppl
Dominique Teufen

Curator: Eelco van der Lingen

A facade that suggests a different, better looking reality is false, fake and forged but what if the facade is nothing but a facade? What if pretence isn't hidden but presented in full view?
In Façadism the facades are real, the fictional world is the subject that is presented in different ways, but in all ways true.


Talk, Thursday April 10, 20.00 hours

Paul Davies

Paul Davies, senior lecturer Architecture at London South Bank University, talks about the façade in (post)modern architecture. 

English spoken
Admission € 2,00

Expect a talk which offers a cunning insight in the ideas behind Façadism from the point of view of an architect.
Davies sees a link between the work of Le Corbusier, that of Robert Venturi and Mecanoo; the architectural company from Delft responsible for the recent Birmingham library, which has been described as ‘like a stack of gift wrapped presents’.

Not an expert in Architecture? Don't worry, Paul Davies delivers his talks in an intelligent, yet understandable and entertaining manner.

Paul Davies was born on Mersea Island in 1961, grew up Manchester and moved to London in 1984. He is well known as a lecturer and writer and for his collaborative work with photographer Julie Cook. During the nineties they spent considerable time in Las Vegas. He spent fifteen years lecturing on Las Vegas and  related subjects at the Architectural Association and now teaches History and Theory at London South Bank. He writes regularly for the Architectural Review. Presently he is writing a book for the Architectural Press: ‘The Unauthorized Biography of Architecture’.


NestTV #13



Artist Talk, Thursday March 6, 20.00 hours

Sarah & Charles

Michiel van Nieuwkerk interviews artist duo Sarah & Charles

Dutch spoken
Admission € 2,00

Workshops, March 5th, March 19th, April 2nd

Verwend Nest

Workshop for kids from 6 until 12 years

Join in with a nice workshop on wednesday afternoon, especially for the 'Verwende Nesten'.

During this exhibition on March 5th, March 19th and April 2nd, from 14.00 until 15.30 hours

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Cursus, 2013 - 2014

On the Spot

Every friday you can participate in On the Spot at Nest. During these lessons we engage in discussion about the works in the exhibition and work on assignments in different techniques in the exhibition space. On the days there is no exhibition on, we visit other initiatives, galleries and collectors in The Hague. The lessons are taught by visual artist Sarina Missot. Become curious? Check the results on www.nestcursus.tumblr.com

Every friday morning, 9.30 -11.30 AM
€50 per month
single lesson €17,50

Course fee including materials, coffee and tea
The course is for beginner as well as advanced level, open to any age.
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Dominique Teufen

Bernd Oppl

Sarah & Charles