/ I am closer to you than your very self

Opening Saturday November 28, 4 PM

Exhibition, November 29 2015 - January 31 2016

Gijs Frieling
Hamid El Kanbouhi
Chaim van Luit

Curator: Eelco van der Lingen

Although the arts are less used in a religious context than for example during the renaissance, and the church is no longer one of the most important social forces, our daily lives are still influenced by religion in different ways. Three artists, with a christian, jewish an muslim background, reflect on the role of religion in their personal lives and work.

The work by Hamid El Kanbouhi is a corporation with René Baptist Huysmans and Anne Rodermond.

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Interview, Thursday December 17, 7 PM

Hollandse Meesters with Marc Mulders

A new edition in the interview series Hollandse Meesters in de 21e eeuw. This time Michiel van Nieuwkerk interviews painter, photographer and stained glass artist Marc Mulders.

On December 17 Michiel van Nieuwkerk interviews him about his work.

In Dutch
Entrance € 2,- including 1 drink

Lecture, January 28, 8 PM

Martin Sommer

In 2004 author and columnist Martin Sommer published the book 'Een dorp in Picardië', about Jeantes, a village in the North of France. The church of Jeauntes was decorated by Dutch artist Charles Eyck and this little church was the starting point for the exhibition I am closer to you than you very self.

Entrance € 2,- including 1 drink

Workshops, December 2 and 16, January 6 and 27

Verwend Nest

Workshop for kids from 6 to 12 years

Join in with a nice workshop on Wednesday afternoon, especially for the 'Verwende Nesten'. 

Wednesday December 2
Wednesday December 16
Wednesday January 6
Wednesday January 27
from 14:00 - 15:30 pm

The workshops are in Dutch.

Not a Verwend Nest yet? Give it a try during a first free lesson and find out if you like it.

Information and memberships: sarina@nestruimte.nl


Friday Course

On the Spot

Het hele jaar door kun je bij Nest op vrijdag meedoen aan On the Spot. In deze lessen gaan we in gesprek over het werk in de tentoonstelling, en werken we in verschillende technieken aan opdrachten in de tentoonstellingsruimte. Op de vrijdagen dat er geen tentoonstelling is worden andere kunstinstellingen in Den Haag bezocht. De lessen worden gegeven door beeldend kunstenaar Sarina Missot.

Nieuwsgierig? Bekijk de resultaten op www.nestcursus.tumblr.com

Iedere vrijdagochtend van 9.30 -11.30 uur 
maandelijks € 50,-
losse les € 17,50

Alle prijzen zijn inclusief materiaal, koffie en thee.
De cursus is voor volwassenen, beginners en gevorderen.
Wil je elke week komen, dan betaal je per maand. Wil je af en toe een les volgen? Dan kun je per keer betalen.

Aanmelden en informatie via sarina@nestruimte.nl


Between December 24 2015 and January 1 2016 Nest will be closed for the holidays.

 Chaim van Luit

 Gijs Frieling

 Hamid El Kanbouhi