/ I Should Have Done That

Opening, Saturday September 3rd 2011, 19.30 hours

Exhibition, September 4 - October 9 2011

Jasper de Beijer
Marc Bijl
Harold de Bree
Amie Dicke
Iris van Dongen
Marcel van Eeden
Martijn Engelbregt
Carla Klein
Hester Scheurwater
Charlotte Schleiffert
Simon Schrikker

An exhibition of 13 nationally and internationally known artists who cover the work of another artist, based on the idea ‘I Should Have Done That’.

Open thur-sun 13.00 - 17.00 

Artist talk, September 15 2011, 20.00 hours


Hans den Hartog Jager interviews Alex Jacobs and Carla Klein (Dutch).


Artist Talk, September 29 2011, 20.00 hours.


Jaring Dürst Britt interviews Jasper de Beijer and Amie Dicke.


Martijn Engelbregt OER© Equisetum Remedie

Amie Dicke Covering Cell XXVI
*Neue, Neue Andacht* The Ballad Of Magic Mountain

Hester Scheurwater Ass - Selfportrait After Mapplethorpe en
Pissing Against Mirror - Selfportrait After Mapplethorpe

Carla Klein Zonder titel

Hester Scheurwater Ass - Selfportrait After Mapplethorpe,
Charlotte Schleiffert
Fun in the happy house,
Marc Bijl We kill for you

Joncquil The Grey
Harold de Bree Grafspee