/ Notes on Narratives

Exhibition Oktober 10 2009

Marijn Akkermans
Marcel van Eeden
Ruth Gwily
Han Hoogerbrugge
Ingrid Mol
Paulien Oltheten
Sebastiaan Schlicher
Babette Wagenvoort
Bas de wit

Curated by Joncquil icw Babette Wagenvoort

Notes on Narratives focusses on the role of the narrative within contemporary art. Nine artists were brought together that deal with narrative in different ways.
Even though each concept is represented by a single image the works in Notes on Narratives shows scenes that suggest a past and future action, thus portraying a story that never existed.


Talk November 5 2009


The Gummbah cartoon from the second of November 2009: a clown studies an artwork on the wall. It consists of a white canvas with a black stripe. The clown adresses an official looking person saying: "You can't say he didn't try his admost stinking best".

It is a typical Gummbah, a sumup of several absurdities in which not just a joke is made but also where a small story is being told commenting on the behaviour of modern man.

It fits nicely with Notes on Narratives, a project in which exhibiting artists tell an unfolding story in one scene or image. Nothing gets overly explained; the image suggestsand steers its audience without setting boundaries of perception.


Bas de Wit, Marijn Akkermans and Marcel van Eeden  Photo: Jhoeko 

Ruth Gwily and Bas de Wit Photo: Jhoeko

Han Hoogerbrugge Photo: Jhoeko

Ingrid Mol Photo: Jhoeko

Paulien Oltheten and Bas de Wit Photo: Jhoeko

Sebastiaan Schlicher Photo: Jhoeko

Marcel van Eeden Photo: Jhoeko

Sebastiaan Schlicher, Paulien Oltheten and Bas de Wit Photo: Jhoeko

Babette Wagenvoort en Marijn Akkermans Photo: Jhoeko

Marcel van Eeden Photo: Jhoeko