/ One Mohr Time

Exhibition December 10 2009

Mariëlle Buitendijk
Sibylle Eimermacher
Freya Eshuijs
Jobbe Holtes
Maria Jager
Annegret Kellner
Mina Minov
Maartje Overmars
Julie van der Scheer
Aldwin van de Ven
Franzis Wiese

Eleven alumni of the three departments of the Frank Mohr institute have been invited by Leo Delfgaauw.
Leo Delfgaauw, former citycurator of The Hague and curator of The Pont in 

Tilburg works as teamleader of the department of fine arts at the Minerva academy and as head of the Frank Mohr Institute.

The Alumni each presented one work at Nest and were available to explain their choice in a presentation to attending audiance.


Freya Eshuis, Maartje Overmars

Julie van der Scheer, Aldwin van der Ven

Sibylle Eimermacher, Mina Minov

Maria Jager, Jobbe Holtes, Sibylle Eimermacher

Maria Jager

Mariëlle Buitendijk, Annegret Kellner

Leo Delfgaauw introduces Maartje Overmars