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Triptych, November 18 - December 21 2017

Many say that The Netherlands is slightly too proper, polished, too spruced up, and so we travel to grimy cities, decaying ruins and scarcely lit cafés. We enthusiastically embrace the dingy and unorganised aspects of abandoned villages or derelict houses stained by humidity and graffiti-clad. Destitution has developed as an aesthetic concept that we constantly see everywhere; how many restaurants do have 3-ply toilet paper, but don’t place lampshades around their bulbs? In shabbiness lies true beauty. Or…?

For the exhibition On Speaking Terms, that was to be seen in Nest from September 9 to November 5, Studio L A designed an architecture that enabled the spectator to view art from a different perspective. An arena was built in the heart of Nest, surrounded by ramps, stairs and Baroque drapes. The artworks of On Speaking Terms have now disappeared, and Nest offers the chance to a band of artists to make the space their own, to break it down, and rebuild it once again. In two months’ time a triptych will unfold as various artists spend individual work-periods encrusting the architecture with consecutive layers of earth.

In Places of Ruin artists will explore the glorification of impoverishment.

Part | Cindy Moorman, November 18 and 19 2017

Part I the Other(s)

Cindy Moorman

Through things that happen, or in Cindy Moorman’s case performances, a place is charged with adifferent meaning. In this first phase the physical (de)construction is pushed to the background, and the behavior of the group, moving through a space, takes the center. Without denting the architecture the spaces of Nest will be filled with performances that leave a mental imprint.

Saturday November 18 
From 17.00 till 17.30 h
From 18.00 till 18.30 h
From 19.30 till 20.00 h
From 20.30 till 21.00 h

We kindly ask you to be on time, because joining a group after the start is not possible. Of course you can always join a next tour.

Sunday November 19 
13.00 - 17.00 h

Part || Ide André & Arash Fakhim, November 23 - December 3 2017

Part II When the Fallow Remains

Ide André & Arash Fakhim

Decay does not happen through brute violence, but elapses slowly dragging on through the ticking of time. Ide André and Arash Fakhim will deconstruct the architecture with a gentle type of rage: gouging and filing, with handsaw and sewing machine. The physical remnants of the architecture will dictate what will be created and what will be left untouched. Functionality will vanish, wood chips and dust remain: sawn, shred and scraped a new legacy is formed.

November 23 - December 3 
thu - sun 13.00 - 17.00 uur

During Hoogtij on Friday December 1, 19.00 - 23.00 h

Part ||| Unfair, December 7 - December 17 2017

Part III Beyond Thunderdome

Unfair (with works by Tim Breukers, Bonno van Doorn, Ricardo van Eyk, Daan Gielis, Jan Hoek, Nasbami, Anika Schwarzlose, Rik Smits, Daniel van Straalen, Thomas Swinkels, Thomas Trum, Joeri Woudstra)

After the exhibition’s design has been used by multiple artists, Unfair will move into the space like anomadic tribe, putting meaning into the ruins. Beyond Thunderdome is a post-apocalyptic exhibition in the residues of the monumental architecture. With materials that are at hand in the old ruins a new context is put up. Flyposters take up the place of the painting, scaffoldings replace walls, and the abandoned building materials and leftovers will form new occult objects.

December 7 - 17 
thu t/m sun 13.00 - 17.00 h

One Nest Stand #27, Thursday December 21 2017, 20.00 - 00.00 h

Party of Ruin

Budvar x Unfair x Nest

Following two weeks of drifting through the post-apocalyptic installation of Part ||| Beyond Thunderdome, Unfair will invite a band of artists to celebrate the longest and darkest night of the year with you. Nest, Unfair and Budvar Budweiser roll up their sleeves for one last spectacular exhibition to emerge out of the ruins, with more than 25 artists. Party of Ruin is a festive end to Places of Ruin in which a new world order with videos, photos, drawings and paintings will be shown and sold according to pre-set rules. With digital layer on layer this evening will give an exciting twist to the selling of tangible and intangible work - for students as well as seasoned collectors. Enter Christmastime with a piece of art and immerse yourself in an evening full of art, performance, music & beer.

Thursday December 21, 20.00 - 00.00 h

Verwend Nest, November 15 and December 13

Workshop for children from 6 to 12 years.

Join in with a nice workshop on wednesday afternoon, especially for the 'Verwende Nesten'.

Wednesday November 15
Bring your (grand)parent-sitter-brother-sister edition: 15.30 - 17.00

Wednesday December 13
group 1: 13:30 - 15:00
group 2: 15.30 - 17.00

Not a Verwend Nest yet? Give it a try during a first free lesson and find out if you like it. 

A year-long membership costs € 60,- and gives you a monthly workshop on Wednesdays. The Ooievaarspas gives you a 50% discount.
Information and memberships: sarina@nestruimte.nl


 Arash Fakhim

 Cindy Moorman

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