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Exhibition oktober 5 t/m november 2 2008

Jan Adriaans
Wafae Ahalouch el Keriasti
Gamal Ez
Roderick Hietbrink
Joncquil de Vries
Nadia Naveau
Onno Poiesz

A project based on the Art philosophical issue of the Mimesis; the idea that the artwork offers a possibility of creating a new reality by copying an old one.


Talk, October 12 2008

Samuel IJsseling / Ann van Sevenant

Samuel IJsseling is professor of contemporary philosophy at the University of Leuven.He is known as the living connection between the Dutch language area and the French Philosophers. Samuel IJsseling deals with the different ideas of and definities behind the 'Mimesis; the qualifications of the idea, the copy, the being and the seeming. is a copy adding to, or degrading an object? Is the copy a weak reproduction of the original idea of the thing?

Ann Van Sevenant is a writer and wrote in collaboration with Samuel IJsseling the book 'What would the world be without philosophy?' She also chaired the jury of the Prix de Rome in 2006. By linking the works in the show to the talk of Samuel IJsseling she puts theory to practice.


Talk October 16 2008

Rob Scholte

Rob Scholte explains, from the point of view of a copy artist pur sang, his ideas about the value of a copy as an art work.


Artist Talk October 23

Show and Tell

In a Show and Tell all artist from Some Things Are | What They Seem give a short explanation about their work and motives.


Roderick Hietbrink

Onno Poiesz , Nadia Naveau 

Onno Poiesz, Wafea Ahalouch el Keriasti, Joncquil de Vries

Wafea Ahalouch el Keriasti 

Nadia Naveau