/ SummerNest

Opening, August 7 2010, 16.00 hours

Exhibition, August 7 - September 4 2010

André Kruysen
Andries Micke
Arnoud Dijkstra
Babette Wagenvoort
Bram Vreven
Caroline Grijsen
Daan Brinkmann
Dwi Tirtadji
Eelco van der Lingen
Ellen Rodenberg
Eric Schrijver
Erla van der Pauw
Floris Schönfeld
Frank van Munster
Gosse de Kort
Henry Vega
Ineke van der Wal
Jacqueline Heerema
Janneke Hendriks
Jip Canneman
Johan van Kreij
Koen Geurts
Maarten Schepers
Manon Bovenkerk
Margareth Doorduin
Mark de Weijer
Navid Nuur
Petra van der Schoot
Rogier van Neerven
Rozemarijn Lucassen
Sara Benhamou
Sarina Missot
Theater Zeebelt
Tineke van Veen
Willem Marijs

SummerNest is an annual group show presenting all artists and designers residing in De DCR.
Look here for more information on De DCR.

Museumnight, September 4 2010, 19.30 - 02.00


Speedtour by chance (every 30 mins.)
This very speedy tour will focus on some of the forty participating artists in the exhibition SummerNest and will take no more than ten minutes. Who will you hear about? Let fate decide!

Love will tear us apart (all night)
Interactive installation by Perceptor based on the premise that for any relationship to flourish, the physical distance between the people involved should be in constant flux. A reactive tapestry of sound and video encourages particpants to move about and find the constantly changing ideal distance between them.

LaBARatorium (all night)
...is a spectacular mobile cocktailbar. The very innovative cocktails are not shaken, stirred or mixed in any ordinary fashion but composed with precision on molecular level, inspired by the work of topchef Ferran Adrià of the El Bulli
restaurant in Spain. Cocktails are served in petridishes, pipets and laboratory flasks, steaming with dry ice, disguised as a spray or foam and drunk at the futuristic blue-lit bar.

Spectacle Erotique (23:00 - ...)
One Eyed Jacks will heat up the party even more with their VJ performance Spectacle Erotique. Dance to the exciting beats and enjoy the erotic visuals...

Manon Bovenkerk, Caroline Grijsen

Perceptor, Manon Bovenkerk

Jip Canneman, Zeebelt

Danslab, Keen

Mark de Weijer


Willem Marijs, Rogier van Neerven

Navid Nuur

Ineke van der Wal, Maarten Schepers