/ Tangible Time

Opening, Saturday October 22nd 2011, 16.00 hours

Exhibition, October 23 - November 20 2011

David Claerbout
Nathalie De Briey
Robbrecht Desmet
Victoria Fu
Julien Grossmann
Katja Mater
Alexandra Navratil
Noor Nuyten
Magdalena Pilko
Petra Stavast
Joe Winter

 Tangible Time brings artists together who work with the concept of time and make it tangible in a visual manner. The exhibited works go past the physical definition of time: time is streched, piled, fragmented, reconstructed or shown in relation to distance.
Guest curator: Danielle van Zuijlen.


Paneldiscussion, November 17, 20.00 hours

Paneldiscussion on Tangible Time

With Merel Bem, Frank van der Stok, Helen Westgeest and Caroline von Courten.


Film Programme, Sunday October 30 , 14.00 hours

Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster

For the occasion of Tangible Time Filmhuis Den Haag is showing five short films by Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster. A unique chance to see the work of this French artist in the cinema. With an introduction by Danielle van Zuijlen.

Entrance €5,- / duration 85 min.
Spui 191, Den Haag
Cash register Filmhuis: 070 - 365 6030.

Workshop, October 26, 14.00 hours

Verwend Nest

During every exhibition we organise workshops on Wednesday afternoon for children between 6 and 12 years old. They look at and talk about the exhibition and then make a painting, object or collage. The workshop is given by a visual artist.

This exhibition is about time. During the workshop you will make your own light art!

Costs €40 per year to become a member of Verwend Nest, this will give access to all the Wednesday-workshops. Participation for just one workshop is €12,50.



 Alexandra Navratil Portrait over 30m

 Katja Mater

Victoria Fu Portmanteau

 Magdalena Pilko Adagio II

Petra Stavast Libero

Noor Nuyten Measuring Space

Nathalie de Briey

 David Claerbout Boy at a window (photo Jef Jacobs)

 Julien Grossman

Robbrecht Desmet Mont Ste-Victoire

Joe Winter Model for a history of light: conjunction (left) and horizon lines (right)