/ The Damagomi Project

Opening Saturday 17 January, 16:00 hour

Exhibition, 18 January - 1 March 2015

with Floris Schönfeld

Curator: Eelco van der Lingen

The Damagomi Project by Floris Schönfeld is about the Damagomi group: a group of spiritualists and academics that was active in Northern California from the 20s until the late 70s. They were exploring new ways of communication between humans and nature.

What gives us direction? What do we believe is true? When are we no longer satisfied with the usual confinements about our lifes and hopes?

Hours: Thursday - Sunday, 13.00 - 17.00 and by appointment.

NestTV #16



Discussion, Thursday 12 February, 20.00 h

Paneldiscussion: The Matter of Fiction and Belief

Following the The Damagomi Project exhibition by Floris Schönfeld, Nest will organise an evening with the themes of fiction, belief and the necessity and relevance of these. The conversation will be guided by  Alex de Vries van Stern/Den Hartog & De Vries.

In Dutch

Entrance € 2,-

Interview with Jeroen Eisinga, Thursday 26 February, 20.00 h

Hollandse Meesters: Jeroen Eisinga

Michiel van Nieuwkerk interviews the artist Jeroen Eisinga.

In Dutch
entrance € 2,00



 Floris Schönfeld

 Floris Schönfeld

 Floris Schönfeld

 Floris Schönfeld