/ The Other Site

Exhibition May 21 t/m June 21 2009

Kim Bouvy
Karin de Jong
Dirk van Lieshout
Derk Reneman
Ewoud van Rijn
Daan Samson
Elian Somers
Kim Zieschang

Curated by Eelco van der Lingen and Joncquil

Even though Rotterdam and The Hague are only a half an hour drive apart the climate and attitude within their art worlds has been very different for decades.
The Other Site explored the differences and similarities between the art world in Rotterdam and The Hague through exchange visits between cultural breeding grounds Het Wilde Weten and De DCR.


Ewoud van Rijn, Dirk van Lieshout, Elian Somers

Daan Samson, PrintRoom van Karin de Jong

Ewoud van Rijn, Dirk van Lieshout