/ When the Sun Falls

29 June t/m 1 July 2018

Yair Callender 

The artworks of Yair Callender remind us of monumental memorials, of altars and relics, and know references to occult symbolism and (nature)religion. Callender cherishes an explicit wish to use his work beyond the stately or sacred. A lot of his works balance on the border between autonomous visual characteristics and familiar furniture pieces. When the Sun Falls is a monumental stage for the setting sun. The work consists of a rectangular frame that is perpendicular to an ornamented pedestal. The frame is placed in such a way that it frames the exact path of the setting sun during the days of Art Rotterdam, making the whole function as an elegant stage or Baroque pedestal. Every night the installation shows the performance of the sun slowly sinking into the sculpture: object and nature coincide seamlessly. The sublime force of a slowly declining sun is underlined by the framing installation, making the question “What am I looking at?” rise.

Behind the coinciding setting sun within the scenes of the installation, hides the Romantic need as a human to dwell upon the theatricality of nature and its ever-changing shape. During the day the artwork functions as a tribute, and at night it functions as a platform on which a new performance takes place every day.


For one year Nest and Yair Callender are connected to each other through the Work Contribution Young Talent + Commissioning of the Mondriaan Fund. After Art Rotterdam the scuplture will travel to music festival Down the Rabbit Hole.

Down The Rabbit Hole, 29 June t/m 1 July 2018

Down the Rabbit Hole

When The Sun Falls travels to music festival Down The Rabbit Hole, which takes place from 29 June to 1 July. The festival-goers will be treated to the performance of a setting sun on the Groene Heuvels in Beuningen, which is in collaboration with the work of Yair Callender.

Past: Art Rotterdam

Art Rotterdam 

During Art Rotterdam 2018, Open Air is a new section for large-scale works of art on the grounds of the Van Nellefabriek. Nest invited Yair Callender to construct a work for the entrance of the terrain.