Nest at Art Rotterdam 2024

Van Nellefabriek, Rotterdam

External location

During Art Rotterdam artist Joeri Woudstra and Nest collaborate for a presentation outside the Van Nelle Fabriek.

In his work Joeri Woudstra is in constant search of feelings of nostalgia and melancholy. Due to the ever-accelerating progress, technological phenomena change at a rapid pace. This high turnover rate makes us not only look back nostalgically on our youth - for Woudstra, the 90s – but that similar feelings can arise thinking of objects from just a few years ago.

Woudstra is not only an artist but also a composer. These disciplines come together in most of his artistic work. 'Radiate' consists of a series of installations and performances. The series relates the universal obsession with sunsets to our collective generational memory. For ‘RADIATE II’, a giant cross made of speakers, Woudstra mixed echoes, samples, and loops from pop music with iPhone recordings and live performances recorded during sunsets.


The collaboration between Nest and Joeri Woudstra is part of a longer-term partnership. From April, Nest will temporarily move to a new location in Laak Den Haag, where Woudstra works as curator for nightclub LAAK.

Joeri Woudstra - Radiate (2021 - ongoing)