Temporal relocation Nest


Starting from April 2024, art space Nest will relocate to Laakkwartier in The Hague for a year, while the current building undergoes climate-neutral transformation. During this one-year period, Nest will operate under the name 'Nest in Laak,' organizing exhibitions and programs in the large industrial warehouse next to Club Laak and its restaurant. Nest will present an experimental and multidisciplinary art program in this new space at Verheeskade 321 starting from 2024.

As Nest moves to the new location in Laak, the current DCR building at De Constant Rebecqueplein will undergo a complete sustainability renovation, commissioned by the municipality. This extensive renovation is expected to take more than a year. Nest is relocating to Laak for this reason. The industrial space where Nest will be situated offers a completely different environment than the current building, providing an excellent opportunity for immersive and interdisciplinary programming.

Sneak preview during Rewire

On April 6 and 7, Nest in Laak will open its doors for the first time. In collaboration with the Hague Rewire Festival, Nest will present the world premiere of Before We Love: 12 Gates, an opera developed by Atelier Impopulaire around the story and legacy of the legendary activist UMBRA Poets Workshop (1961–1963) from New York. This weekend marks the beginning of a program centered around Deep Listening, a method of radical listening that contrasts with the fast-paced course of distraction and saturation. Simultaneously, it aligns with the Laak club, where exuberant dancing, escapism, and stillness coexist. From May 24 onwards, Nest will showcase the installation "The Singing Parliament" by multidisciplinary artist Henk Schut. A polyphonic landscape of 150 speakers, matching the number of seats in the Dutch House of Representatives, this sound immersion is an ode to attentive listening.

The Nest

The entrance of Nest in Laak will be transformed into 'The Nest': a meeting place for the neighborhood, artists, and students. Workshops, performances, and discussions will take place here, alongside a shop, a free art bookshelf, and a cup of coffee or tea always ready for everyone.

Nest's educational programs, such as "Verwend Nest" for children, "Jonge Stadsfotograaf" for students from the Johan de Witt Scholengroep, and the collaboration with Art-S-Cool, will continue at the new location. Additionally, local collaborations in the neighborhood will be established.