Young City Photographers of The Hague

Since 2023, Nest and Johan de Witt Scholengroep have joined forces for the annual art educational program 'The Young City Photographers of The Hague'.

This educational program is in line with the first The Hague City Illustrator, which started at the initiative of Nest in collaboration with the Municipality of The Hague and the The Hague City Archives (HGA) at the start of 2023. Within the framework of the 'Young City Photographers of The Hague' project, students in the third year VMBO-kader secondary education will give their personal vision of their living environment and the city of The Hague through the lens of the camera, under the guidance of contemporary professional artists who will stand in front of the classroom and take the students with them onto the streets. The process results in an exhibition with a publication.

Nest organizes various educational programs for children, secondary school students and (art) students.

At Nest, we value education in the broadest sense of the word: by learning, watching and doing. We want people to learn and think (critically) in different ways. Nest invites conversations with artists and discussions about the artworks and current topics in our exhibitions. We do this, among other things, through workshops, tours and lectures.

Nest also develops long-term educational programs together with institutions (such as art academies, secondary and primary education and other partners) in which contemporary artists and thinkers are invited to act as mentors to provide guidance in the process of creating and contextualizing. Read more about these projects here: Verwend Nest, One Nest Stand, Artist Trajectories, Nest x Master Artistic Research, Art-s-Cool x Nest and the Young Hague City Photographers.