Stadstekenaar: Centrum Laakhavens


The city artist (2023-2025) Babette Wagenvoort draws assemblies in places in The Hague, every month we publish one. This time: Centrum Laakhavens, Laakweg.

At the Monday morning sewing class, some women have known each other for 20 years. They come for the company. On the first Monday after Ramadan, there are 12 women, all working on their own garment. Occasionally helped by supervisor Fatma Hess (“The best teacher we've had!”). Jokes are made and vegetarian snacks are handed out: “The pepper is on the table. But taste a little first, because it's hot!”. This turns out to be no exaggerated warning. In between coughs and sips of water, the volunteer explained what else was going on in the community center: Stichting Wijkberaad Laakhavens organized several weekly activities for adults and children and gave advice on living and working in Laakhavens. Among other things, they work together with Wijkz. The district police officer has a room in the community center. And an outing is planned this month, so a list is passed around during sewing class: “Do you want to come to Keukenhof? We're going by bus.”