Stadstekenaar: City Pier City Loop


The city artist (2023-2025) Babette Wagenvoort draws assemblies in places in The Hague, every month we publish one. This time: Laan van Reagan en Gorbatsjov, City Pier City Loop.

Just before the start of the half marathon during City Pier City last Sunday, you can hardly reach Malieveld. Even at the crossing at the railway station, it is a cheerful mix of traffic controllers in bright yellow overalls and fluorescent running outfits. There are nervous racers on their way to the starting point, returning racers with red heads and medals around their necks, running family members wanting to cheer someone on at the start (speaking on the phone: 'Yes, but where exactly are you standing?') plus a handful of lost cyclists and tourists on their way to the station. A group from Kralingen is busy warming up.
There is movement everywhere!